You and I...Together!

Let’s walk in this world, 
you and I, together. 

Let’s be explorers 
of the sacred every day. 

We will voyage into the heart matters 
to compare what we learn 
and have yet to figure out, 
then gently collapse inside the mystery 
of what we may never understand.

Let’s be pilgrims in a land 
of prismatic doors to be opened, 
and we’ll savor each realization 
that steps through. 

We’ll be life’s devoted pupils, 
asking questions religiously, 
discerning glimpses of truth 
in one another’s eyes. 

And you won’t insist you own every answer, 
and I won’t pretend to be holding all the keys. 

For you are ever the enlightened one 
in the acceptance of not infinitely knowing...
and I will always be the seeker, 
not the one who claims the way.

~ Susan Frybort


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